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I have been breeding companion, guard and family dogs for nearly 20 years.

I fell in love with Boxers and they have been my sole focus for the past 7 years.

I am devoted to breeding great Boxers - not for just beauty and regality but also for temperament and the stabilization of the breed. The quality, size, beauty and personality needs to be honored and cherished so this fabulous purebred Boxer breed is preserved, not altered and changed like a design.

I take great pride in choosing my Boxer puppies and raise them so I can individually pair them to insure that the litters they whelp will be head and heart healthy. Their purebred pedigrees and varied coloring are matched so the puppies I offer will have the same great Boxer traits that millions over the world desire.

My puppies are offered at reasonable prices so the best of families can afford to enjoy this highly intelligent, and personable breed. A properly raised and bred Purebred Boxer is often worth more than the average family can afford, here I can help you have the purebred Boxer you have wished for at a price you can manage.

Each of my sires (dad) and Dams (mom) has not only been raised by me but matched to get the puppies that families want. I am able to ascertain the personality of the boxer puppy so you can make an informed choice for your lifestyle.

It is my goal to place each of my purebred Boxer puppies in a lifelong home. I adhere to the responsible breeders oath and reserve the right to rehome any of my Boxer puppies should any new owner have a life altering event that requires the Boxer to find a permanent home. Because of this I do screen potential owners so I can be assured all of my purebred Boxers will always have loving happy and fulfilling lives. 

if you are looking for a Purebred Boxer to add to your life I would be happy to introduce mine to you.

Please contact me by email or phone.

References from other

Breeders, Boxer Lovers and Owners of Clydes Flashy Boxers are readily

given. As you browse through my website you can see that the puppies I breed are adored and loved. No matter if they are with children or adults, playing together, walking on the beach, swimming or having a great boat ride. My Purebred Boxers are the versatile well balanced companion you have wished for at an affordable price.

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